Letters from the codebender

Letters from the codebender

Coded Bias, In its defence

Coded Bias, In its defence

6 Resources to help you get started with AI development

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Published on Apr 12, 2021

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This algorithm is a lie; how can this algorithm define me?”

Inspired by Coded Bias

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Are we that lonely, bored and that greedy? Do we really have nothing better to do with our lives?

Or is that what it takes to be visionary, great or to move the world forward?

We spend our days repeating history and copying what is around us; we talk about being different, about being innovative, yet we find “inspiration from nature”.

Is that truly innovative?

It’s amazing how we're quick to fight back against an algorithm that made a mistake once and can easily be rectified over institutions that have been built and still exist to teach us the biases of our oppressive predecessors.

Understand this very carefully; the code is not choosing for you. You're making the decision; you give the prediction power.

So you have to build and maintain your own algorithm.

Now the question is, will you ?

Now, why am I advocating for you to build your own AI? Advocating for you to become self-reliant?

This is a two-part battle, regulate the deployment of the algorithms to prevent the few now that have the resource to deploy large scale solutions, forgetting the second part, decentralizing it enough to be built by the discriminated

Yes, big tech failed to consider the biases when talking about scaling. However, planned or not, they can’t care for us all.

And so if we understand that one person can’t please everyone, then we should understand that one company, one government can’t serve us all.

But the communities we choose to associate ourselves with can

The solution is not more regulation; the solution is, we, the people, start to push back with our own models, with our own organizations that provide us with what we need and not one person, one company, one government promising to serve us all.

If there was a scientific equation to prove that one too many is not feasible in society

All that was said above would be a fact 😂

Sincerely yours

I want to fight back😎

If you want to learn about AI, build and train your own models the below should help

NB: the information below is highly biased on the companies I believe have the best interest of the people at heart and how the resource is shared

Requirements: Basic knowledge of programming within any of these languages, JS or Python, will help you understand the below, **there are many more languages and libraries you will discover from this entry point.

These are the tools and libraries you can use to build AI products Facebook AI TensorFlow

If you would like to build a voice assistant, and other voice-related products Mozilla Voice

And well if you would like to play around with some data to train your models Jupiter Notebooks

they have cloud versions to Azure Version Google Cloud

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