Letters from the codebender

Letters from the codebender

Retiring as a developer

Retiring as a developer

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Published on Mar 30, 2021

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Dear Lovely Reader

I wrote this letter today as I begin my journey to start retiring as a developer; Yes I want nothing to do with being a developer in the future.

I have only recently become a "developer" most of the time before that all I did was write code, the pressures that business puts on me to write business value code is starting to reach a toll,

And for the past couple of years, I have noticed the death to the art of code that has been creeping up lately,

So I welcome you on my journey to becoming a coder again, one full of joy and entertainment that code used to bring to me growing up. I remember when the dev community despised PHP and JS, decades later PHP is still despised, and JS is eating the world.

Those were really amazing days, and now we are in an era where everyone is being pushed to learn how to code not just for the fun of it, however for one's livelihood and for business to maintain their status quo.

That is one perspective I have been viewing the world from, and dying to find another perspective, where the code is written, not to make money or change the "world", but to impact your community.

I know one thing, I am going to have fun and would like to spread that fun.

My code highlight of the day,

I am currently working on a project that uses the Azure Maps JS SDK and needed to reactively change the map to a new point.

What I was doing before was recreating the map. ( because the default code did not provide me with that piece of code, and I was on a deadline)

So I went on the hunt(on the internet) and struggled to find the function

below is some JSX triggering the function

<div onClick={() => locatePoint([i.LrrLON, i.LrrLAT])} >Locate</div>

So to the website crawler's out there, I hope you help another dev "change azure maps location reactively onClick"

    const locatePoint = (latLon) => {

            center: latLon,

Sincerely yours codebender

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